Saturday, 21 November 2009

Let's Take a Commercial Fake

You can’t have this, you slavering masses!
Keep your distance, stinking scum.
There’s a light year between you and I.

Give me! Give me!

Yearning. Wanting. Desiring.

To want is not to have.
To have is still to want.
And the product isn’t the life they portray.
The life they portray isn’t the product.
So keep on yearning.
Keep on desiring.
Keep on trying to hold the moon in your hands.

Do you orgasm through chocolate?
Drive through Tuscan landscapes?
Does your family exist in bliss?
Do you want to reach the Heaven of Possession?

These are the myths of the Consumer Religion.
Night after night products are sold by a myth-machine.
Incessant shit in the face.

Do you feel small?
A meek and shitty nothing?
A slave to the Church of Wealth?
Are you?
Am I?

Buy-buy everybody!

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