Tuesday, 17 November 2009


"You don’t know what pressure is, boy,
"Until you’ve slogged nineteen hours.
"Slept the rest of the day.
"Risen before the birds.
"Back when kids are tucked away."

You don’t know what pressure is, boy,
Till your boss has ground your head with tools.
Had you dancing round the workplace
Pirouetting to his rules.

He’s showing me the Real World.
Not the fantasy I inhibit.
A world of fierce realities.
Oh Lord! I think I’ve had it!
And in this world of competition
Where all are out to get you -
You’ve got to be strong, boy,
To give them shit back too.
‘cos life’s hard and you’ve got to do your best.

Accept a life of drudgery.
Only then will I past the test.

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