Saturday, 4 February 2012

Wagtail in the City; Yoof & I

i) Wagtail in the City

Why’s it here today -
Bang in the city?
Its pure black and white
Sharp against the dull browns
Of the lesser-looking birds.

Does it belong to these concrete streets?
To the high rises and loud shops?
Within the inane buzz of shoppers
Digging for their own prize worms?

It seems at home. Sure.
Yet I’d never seen one in the built-up before.
Never seen them amongst so many people.
I recalled them as ‘field birds’
Which flitted between bush and wall.
Following walkers - or seemingly so.

Now, here, they pick up crumbs.
Sniff the litter.
Jump from bin to bin... in the hope of finding
What we have thrown away.

ii) Yoof & I

I was there once. At yoof.
I was there once. I was.
Now I’m not.

Bother me?
No and yes...
Or, more correctly, yes and no.

At once I am jealous.
And yet I’m not.
To be at one with yoof
I would need to be yoof.
I am not yoof.
So I’m not at one.
Simple, really.

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