Sunday, 24 March 2013


Outside his world the mechanisms buzz.
People going here. People going there.
Trivial deals. Minor deadliness.
Yet all inside is quiet.
His world is static; but not calm.
The inside fears the outside.
There is a gulf between.
To jump it is to risk all.
To risk his very life.

What hope is there for him?
What chance of escape?
If he built the prison, then surely he can.
Can he hide the keys from himself?

But the prison is his protection.
Its walls keep all at bay.
The outside is another world.
A world viewed, through the window, like a TV show.

Rather a voyeur than a do-er.
Rather sit and watch the world go round. (Watch it do its business.)
Rather die a kind of death than risk it.
Rather live alone.

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