Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Confident One!

Now older, Confident One walks the streets he owns.
Each stride - a punch into a future he owns too.

Born to confidence.
Born to reach his wants.
To know himself.
His parents bowled over by a creature of their own… his own too!
Then bred to achieve.
To construct his future.
To make the image in the world-mirror his own.
He places himself at the world’s centre.
Took the role of its soul.
Thought all his surroundings, both man and object, mere periphery
Or means and not ends.

His faith? A deep one - in himself.
His Savior? Himself.
His religion? Ditto.
His Creed? The Egotist’s Creed.
Its prime belief? To never doubt his own rights.
Its prime sin? Not to come first; or slump behind the crowd.

Confident One said: Praise be the confident one!

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