Sunday, 24 March 2013

The End

They finally gave up. Gave up at last!

They overcame their weaknesses. 
Their hatred. 
And their fear of boredom.

Overcame the fear of insecurity and the love of deadly pattern.

They’d gone through small fires for no real-good reason.

They’d given it another go many times – after the original we’ll give it a go.

Now the door was open and both left without looking back.

The remembrances of good things past had become shop-worn.

Forgiveness and regret had become habits.

This time was the right time to step outside.

To take into their lungs the new air.

To breathe in hope and possible happiness.

The stale air had been their pollution.

They’d stomached-it. Day in. Day out.

Their hearts had hardened; encased in blood and spleen.

Blood and spleen of five-years’ effort.

Five years’ grind.

Five years’ faith.

Their motto was: Try, for trying’s sake.

No longer the sacrifices to such abstractions.

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